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Uptown Big Band

[Switzerland] Bern Bern

The Uptown Big Band is a jazz orchestra in the original form defined in the 1930s, with 5 saxophones in the front line followed by 4 trombones and 4 trumpets.The rhythm section is often mentioned last although it’s the motor of the band: piano, bass, drums and – in our case – a guitar (not every big band has one). Very often, the band shares the stage with a guest musician, and the guest list is a history of the local jazz scene. For a big band, it is always an exquisite experience to roll out the red rhythm and harmony carpet for a soloist or even a singer, and to accompany him or her subtly, or at times effusively. Our own improvisers also flourish splendidly, and occasionally, the band is enhanced by flutes and clarinets in the front, with their extra-fine tones. The Uptown Big Band has been on stage for 25 years in jazz clubs, at festivals and on private occasions such as weddings, business events, and big birthday parties. We take special pride in our long-term partnership with BeJazz: Every month we play at the {{{BeJazz club}}} at the Vidmarhallen.