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[Switzerland] National Basel

The JUGENDJAZZORCHESTER.CH offers talented Swiss musicians the opportunity to work on a program written especially for the ensemble over a period of several months and then to perform it as part of a nationwide tour. The JJO meets in winter and concludes each session with a tour the following February/March. There are 3 rehearsal weekends (two of them extended) and one rehearsal week. This is followed by the tour, which takes place over a period of about 10 days. The JUGENDJAZZORCHESTER.CH is under the artistic direction of Benjamin Weidekamp. Even if the compositions are explicitly created for the current instrumentation; the musicians should tread their own paths alongside the laid-out track, get to know open forms, help shape transitions between pieces and use them for improvisation. The great challenge lies in the tension between collective process and the development of individual playfulness. In addition to the work with the musical leadership team, the musicians of the JJO are regularly coached during rehearsals by internationally active coaches such as Jérôme Bugnon, Hayden Chisholm, Yumi Ito and Almut Kühne. In this way, the JJO always receives new and inspiring impulses from outside.