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Space Elevator

[Canada] BC Vancouver

20 person jazz-metal big band from Vancouver, Canada. Hailed as a 'compositional tour-de-force', Space Elevator is the brainchild of Mike WT Allen. Formed as a vehicle to deliver his ideas of what modern big band music should sound like, the compositions travel between swing, heavy metal, funk, and the avant-garde. Mike composes all of the music for the group as well as conducting, leading, organizing and managing the ensemble. The band simultaneously embraces and rejects the traditions of the big band jazz genre, at times swingin' like the good old days, other times playing more like a heavy rock band with a huge horn section. The group expands upon the traditional big band instrumentation with extra guitar players, drummers, and a full synth setup in lieu of the usual piano or keyboard. This allows for much more experimentation with sounds and styles. " of the most awe-inspiring demonstrations of musical prowess that I have ever experienced." - Discorder Magazine