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Córdoba Jazz Orchestra

[Argentina] Córdoba Córdoba

In 2006, drummers Steve Zenz (USA) and German Siman (ARG) propelled the project of playing jazz compositions with a Big Band, and thus created a new space for exchange for musicians of different backgrounds. Since 2015, the CJO is conducted by the saxophonist and composer Nicolás Ocampo, offering a repertoire of previously unheard music, writing original arrangements of pieces by major Cordoba-born jazz composers. This new music begins to define an identity in the sound of the band through the resignification of styles of jazz tradition, the combination with Argentine styles and the integration of Latin American percussion instruments and Bandoneón. The first volume of this program of arrangements is part of the debut album: "Comechingonia", recorded in the main hall of the "Teatro del Libertador San Martín" and released in June 2017. They have performed at prominent festivals such as: International Jazz Festival of Cordoba, International Jazz Festival of Buenos Aires, Jazz Festival of Santa Fe, Big Band Festival of Rosario, among others. The CJO on numerous occasions has called to participate in concerts to outstanding artists of the international scene as: Donald Harrison Jr (USA), John Stowell (USA), Gene Aitken (USA) Mariano Abello (Spain), Pierre Bertrand (France), Tim Bell (USA), Lennie Foy (USA), Steve Zenz (USA), Nick Homes (England), Javier Girotto, Richard Nant, Oscar Giunta, Sergio Wagner, Eduardo Elia, Julio Goytia, Pablo Motta (ARG)

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