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[Lithuania] Lithuania Kaunas city

For 30 years, Kaunas Big Band (chief conductor Jievaras Jasinskis) has been the flagman of jazz culture of Kaunas. During the time of activity, the big band has been a witness, participant and creator of the significant jazz events in the country. Kaunas Big Band was the only municipal jazz orchestra for a long time. For a few generations, it has become the life school of jazz for many musicians. Almost all Lithuanian jazz musicians had some precious moments on stage with Kaunas Big Band. It is hard to imagine annual Lithuanian jazz festivals – Kaunas Jazz, Klaipėda Castle Jazz Festival, Šiauliai Big Band Festival – without Kaunas Big Band. The orchestra has been playing at Birštonas Festival since its establishment. All these stages had witnessed many memorable concerts: the audience was introduced to many worldwide known artists, such as Jukka Linkola, Eero Koivistoinen (Finland), Barbara Dennerlein (Germany), Daniel Messina (Argentina), Frank Mantooth, Randy Brecker, Jiggs Whigham (USA), Arkady Shilkloper (Russia), Henk Meutgeert (Holland), Richard Galliano (France), Lasse Lindgren (Sweden), Bob Mintzer (USA), Hermine Deurloo (the Netherlands), Gunhild Carling (Sweden), Peter Beets (the Netherlands), Line Kruse (Denmark) and many more. Together with these artists, Kaunas Big Band played in Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belarus, Poland, Russia.

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