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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of

This internet site provides a tool for finding big bands by region and style, for example, to book them or play along. In addition, big band musicians can create profiles at the personal level so that big bands can find the musicians they are seeking. Moreover, profiles of venues for concerts are available as well as classifieds for gigs, selling and purchasing instruments, musician search, etc.

What are the terms of use of

Use is free of charge. The contents of profiles and ads must be in line with the purpose of, be filed in the correct section, be complete and true, and comply with international and Swiss law. Big Band Directory does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained on this website.

How can I find a profile or ad by a specific geographic region?

Select a category, e.g. Musicians, then select a country from the drop-down menu. Restrict your search by entering the name of a region, a city and/or other search criteria in the free text field.

Who can publish profiles and ads on

If you register with your email address (cf. Get Password) you will be given a password. After logging in using these data, you can publish profiles and ads. It is important that if you create a profile which you hold in trust on behalf of an institution, you must enter at least one correct email address belonging to the concerned entity (big band, venue, etc.). Three addresses are recommended, but only the first one is published.

Who can change which profiles and ads on

Each profile/ad contains up to three email addresses. Only the first email address is published. All three email addresses denote the actual users authorized to edit or delete the profile/ad in question (write permission).

When and how are profiles and ads deleted on

You can delete profiles/ads at any time for which you have write permission (see former paragraph). Profiles/ads that remain dormant (=not re-saved) for one year are automatically deleted by the system. For profiles, you will be prompted by email a few months before this automatic deletion to sign in and re-save the profile.

What should I do if I cannot log in anymore?

Order a password at

I need to change a profile/ad, but cannot do so... Why?

If you are logged in, all the profiles/ads you are allowed to edit have a pencil icon in the upper left corner of their box. In order for this icon to be visible, you must be logged in with one of the email addresses registered with this profile/ad. Each profile/ad contains up to three email addresses, with only the first one being published. If you are logged in with the wrong email address, log out and log back in with a/the correct one (if you have forgotten the password, please order one stating this very email address, cf.

How to create internal links to profiles

Somewhere in another profile/ad, you may set links to big band profiles by putting the name of the targeted band within single curly brackets, e. g. {Vanguard Jazz Orchestra}. If you want to link to a musician profile, use double curly brackets, e. g. {{Jim McNeely}}. If it is a venue, use triple curly brackets, e. g. {{{Blue Note Tokyo}}}.

How does handle the registered email addresses and data protection in general?

The first one of up to three entered e-mail addresses is published in the profile/ad, which is important for people wishing to get in touch with the party. The publishing of email addresses does not cause additional spam, since nowadays, 9 out of 10 emails are spam anyway and are filtered out. The second and third email addresses are not published; they merely serve as additional usernames for logging in and editing. never gives your email addresses or other data to third parties. Your profiles and ads are stored on a Swiss server. We will not send you emails other than an annual invitation to update your profile(s) if they have been dormant (=not re-saved) for a year. We do not use tracking cookies.