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Bert Damsma

[Netherlands] Netherlands Utrecht
ProfessionalMusician BigBandArranging BigBandConducting BassTrombone Trombone Bass BigBandArranging BigBandConducting Bastuba

Bert Damsma started playing the Eb-tuba when he was 9 years old. Later he was asked to play the trombone (like his father) and ended up playing the basstrombone (the best combination of the two mentioned above!) when he was introduced to bigband music. During his career he started writing for the bands he played in and did some conducting and arranging. Started the Dutch Aerophonic orchestra where he is still the Musical Director. He went to school to do a course in Jazzharmonisation and Arranging at the Shumann Academy (at that time the Music Theoretical Institute for State Exams) He picked up the Double Bass for fun and is still playing this in his own jazzcombo "Three&One". He played (and still plays) in hornsections, bigbands, jazzcombo's, Symphony Orchestra's, Showbands, Musical Orchestra's, etc. During his extended career he worked with several artists and companies as there are: Tom "Bones" Malone, David Taylor, Massimo LaRosa, Candy Dulfer, Edsilia Rombley, Denise Jannah, Simone Kleinsma, Rene van Kooten, Charli Green, T.S. Galloway, Arthur Moore, Shirma Rousse, Ben van Dijk, Southside Temptations, Sandy Kendau, Nicky vd Kuyp, Ivo van Leeuwen, Jan van Maanen, Lucas Vis, Dutch Academy of Performing Arts, Convocation Bigband, and many others. He is the orchestral manager of the Dutch Academy of Performing Arts and produces many shows in theaters and Galavenues. He is the Key Accountmanager for Conn-Selmer instruments distributed by GEWA in the BeNeLux.

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